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Maldives The sunny side of life veronica & sarvesh

When Maldives promotes itself as sunny side of life, it is not something that the nation is exaggerating; the yearlong tropical sun augments what they say. Being an island nation, Maldives offers a lot to tourists in terms of beautiful beaches and other sea side activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling are major attractions on the sea side resorts. Even if you are not participating in any sport activity and just idly hanging around, you will have the experience of life as it has beautiful sandy beaches and pellucid blue sea.

Though seaside activities are the main attractions in the island nation, there are a few other things also that can be explored in the country. It has Esjehi Art Gallery that consists of a lot of artistic treasures of the country. Go with SOTC to book Maldives tour packages and you will realize how beautifully we adorn the bouquet of your Maldives holiday packages to enhance your experience of visiting a nation so close to India.

 Glimpse of Maldives 

The magnificent Maldives, made up of wonderful islands is a beautiful piece of this planet where you find everything else petty. Lush green trees in its lap, crystal-clear blue water in hands, the breathtaking blue sky on its head, and the whole body covered by white sand beaches, the country welcomes tourists warmly and wholeheartedly. Maldives has an eternal list of sights to enjoy and therefore draws a huge crowd of tourists throughout the year. Mind-blowing waves, underwater experience, and the sunny side make Maldives a perfect place especially for honeymoon. Peace all around, happening markets, variety of cuisines, and romance; what else can a couple ask for? Millions of newlywed couples choose Maldives honeymoon packages to spend their best moments at an awe-inspiring place.

The Maldives Honeymoon

Celebrate your special honeymoon in Maldives at the most beautiful and romantic islands of Maldives.You could enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a secluded, natural setting and a warm inviting atmosphere, where the sunsets are spectacular!The resorts offer you not only the crystal clear waters and azure blue lagoons, food is tasty and services are excellent.As a welcome token, almost all resorts offers honeymooners fruit plates and flower decorated rooms on the arrival night – a romantic promise of what lays ahead. On request, resorts also arrange romantic candle-lit dinners on the beach and also champagne breakfast served in the privacy of your own room, to make your romantic holiday memories that will last a lifetime!

Magical Islands Of Maldives

Island Attractions Maldives is a hot destination for tourists as it has 1190 beautiful small coral islands. The Resort Islands in Maldives are the most sought after and just a thought of occupying an island as your holiday home will send lot of excitement adventure ideas across anyone’s imagination. Maldives is full of eye capturing beautiful islands that make for an interesting trip in this part of the world.

Adventure Options

If water is your game, Maldives is the name for you. Water-Sports is a prime attraction for the adventure seeking tourists who love to indulge in water sports activities like surfing, skiing, speed boating. The water sports adventures in Maldives is one of the main reason to make a tour to this island of corals.


Maldives has since long been rated as one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. A visit to the Maldives is incomplete without experiencing the depth of the underwater world. Maldives offers the best diving opportunities for all range of divers from the beginner to the expert level. Enrich your holiday experience and encounter different species of fishes, octopus, turtles and other water dependent creatures that would surely leave you enthralled and wanting for more.


If you have a penchant for left and right moves on the surface of a warm wave, Maldives is the place to be. Considered as one of the best surfing destinations in the world, Maldives offer an unforgettable surfing experience The warm waters and calm winds adds up to this experience.


The adventure of water-skiing is certainly a treat for the visitors to this part of the world. Many resorts provide water skis and power boats on rental basis for the tourists to enjoy a beautiful water escapade.

How To Reach Maldives 

One of the most preferred means to reaching Maldives is through Air. The international airport at Male, the capital of Maldives caters to a flight traffic to and from almost all the major international airports of the world. The Male International Airport is served by almost all the popular airlines of the world.

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